Raising Awareness of Medicare Member Rights Among Seniors and Caregivers in California (1.17 MB .pdf)

Many Medicare recipients do not understand their healthcare rights. Lumetra developed a multifaceted outreach program to increase beneficiary awareness of its services and of the right to file quality-of-care complaints and discharge appeals. Layered outreach activities to Medicare members and their caregivers consisted of paid media, direct mailings, community outreach, and online marketing. Calls to Lumetra’s Helpline and visits to its Web site increased by 106% and 1214%, respectively, in targeted counties. (Am J Public Health. 2010; 100:9–12. doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2008.152264)

Lumetra Healthcare Solutions Begins Contract with City and County of San Francisco (72 KB .pdf)

Healthcare Consultant partners with Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center.

Lumetra wins VHA contract (39 KB .pdf)

Healthcare consultant business Lumetra won a one-year contract from the Veterans Health Administration.

Patient Safety is the Final Frontier, & TeamSTEPPS is the Vehicle (404 KB .pdf)

Authored by Julia Slininger, RN, BS, CPHQ, a Lumetra Senior Healthcare Consultant, this article in the journal (Q2/09) of the California Association for Healthcare Quality the value of the teamwork-training program,TeamSTEPPS(Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety).

Lumetra Recommends Independent Review Organization to Medical Board of California (73 KB .pdf)

According to a study conducted for the MBC by Lumetra in 2007 and 2008, California’s medical peer review system is broken. The healthcare consulting organization recommended a separate, independent peer review organization.

Lumetra Looks for New Business (63 KB .pdf)

Lumetra is seeking new post-QIO opportunities, according to CEO Linda Sawyer.

Broad Coalition Offers Plan to Improve Health Care Quality and Affordability (108 KB .pdf)

Lumetra joins a diverse coalition of more than 165 healthcare organizations in recommending a framework to the Obama administration and Congress to improve the quality and affordability of healthcare for all patients through a public-private partnership.

Transitional Care Lacking in Elderly

James E. Lett, MD, former Senior Medical Director for Health Process Improvement at Lumetra, is quoted in this article about the paucity of coordination in transitional care for elderly patients.

Next Generation Improvement for Healthcare Systems: A Comprehensive Structure-Process-Outcome Patient-Centered Medical Home Model for Redesigning Medical Practices (690 KB .pdf)

Co-authored by Linda M. Sawyer, PhD, RN, Lumetra’s CEO, together with Joseph E. Scherger, MD, MPH, Medical Director, and Fabio Sabogal, PhD, Sr. Health Services Analyst, this article discusses the advantages of the patient-centered medical home model to reduce costs and improve patient safety.

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